Tribals are unfortunately the most neglected lots having a place at the very bottom strata of our society.

Records show that about 70% of Indians live in rural areas. They receive little or no benefits from local, state and national governments. They are deprived of all the basic amenities like proper shelter, sanitation, education, healthcare and hence have a rather stunted economic growth. They are rather resigned to fate with no one to complain to or care for them .Various governmental schemes took shape in view of this but they ended up being beyond the reach of these unfortunate souls. Even when we can afford to think of exploring newer options of opening shop in Mars, our brothers and sisters still lag behind and struggle for drops of clean water ,clothing ,shelter, electricity, sanitation and wallow in diseases and are poverty-stricken.

They may not even be aware that this is all happening in our world and that all eyes are on India as it emerges as a world leader even in the space technology arena. They still remain in the abyss of darkness, poor and ignorant, their woes unknown to us. Agam Foundation planning to mark on the pages of history by drawing up several projects focusing on tribal welfare.