Your donation will directly support eye care for patients living in extreme poverty in developing countries. 80 % of all blindness is preventable or curable, and your generosity will provide preventive and sight-restoring eye care to patients in Africa, Asia, and Latin America who would otherwise remain or become blind because they are unable to access or afford quality eye care. The eye care you support is provided by local eye doctors. Unite For Sight invests human and financial resources to develop its partner eye clinics' outreach infrastructure, and the programs are led, managed, and delivered by the local eye clinic's ophthalmologists and ophthalmic staff.  Unite For Sight and its partner eye clinics eliminate patient barriers to care by fully funding surgeries, bringing eye care services by local eye care professionals to the patients, providing transportation to the eye clinic for surgery, and educating communities about blindness elimination.
We ensure that 100 % of your donation will go towards our international eye care programs. We work very hard to keep our administrative costs extremely low. In fact, Unite For Sight spends Rs 0 per year on fundraising and only 0.1 % of its operating budget on administrative costs. These numbers are drawn from audited financial statements. No administrative costs are funded by donations, which means that 100 % of all donations from individuals, associations, foundations, and businesses, provide direct eye care services to patients living in poverty. Unite For Sight is committed to spending your money in a highly productive, efficient way.